holiday memories photo album

"The stickers that stick to the heart!"

12 page album

+ 12 packets with 60 stickers

one for € 38,45 

+ shipping cost


Are you looking for an original and fun gift for a traveler friend? ✈️ Do you want to surprise him with something more than just a postcard or a magnet? Then you’ve found the perfect gift: a personalized photo album with his holiday photos in stickers! 🔥
A personalized photo album is the best way for a traveler to relive his adventures around the world. You will be able to choose the most beautiful and meaningful photos of his holiday, add funny comments and captivating graphics and create a unique and original photo album.
This can also be a great gift for yourself!
Have you just had an unforgettable holiday and want to keep your memories in a special way? Don’t settle for leaving your photos on your phone or computer. Create a personalized photo album with your favorite photos in stickers! Great for reliving your holiday emotions. A personalized photo album is also a way to share your memories with whoever you want. You can show your photo album to your friends and family and tell them about your adventures.🗺️ You can also gift your photo album to someone who has traveled with you or helped you organize your trip. A personalized photo album is the travel memento you deserve. Don’t waste time and create your personalized photo album now. You will have fun doing it and you will get excited watching it!😊

News! In addition to the album you can customize the stickers by choosing between frames and effects!