The author of the publication (the registered user) is solely responsible for the images and texts he uses and must have full rights to do so. By uploading a text, a graphic file or an image file, you implicitly confirm that you own it and have received the authorization of use from the legitimate owner, relieving Mye srl from any liability.

The system does this automatically. When ordering, indicate the number of packets necessary to complete the albums ordered with the exchange activity.

Some of our customers ask for a percentage of duplicates in the order of 10%, in these cases it is good to contact us by email or phone immediately after generating the order and ask for the integration.

STANDARD processing: within 5 working days of the completed order, however, during Christmas and at the end of May, times can be extended by a few days.

Read Timing and Shipping for more details.

The created project remains in your reserved area even after placing the order. It is the author’s sole choice and responsibility to delete or duplicate it, however the system will automatically delete accounts that have been inactive for 10 months.

You can do it whenever you want, as long as your project is still present on the application.
Leaving the project on the platform has no cost for the user.

Didn’t the FAQ answer your question?

Perhaps your request concerns some layout topics.

Upload the images, draw the frame, choose the layout.

Just think about the result, the platform adapts to you and if you don’t have patience follow some shortcuts.

Choose the background, the multiple stickers, see the preview.

The project grows with your choices, and you will like to be surprised by the quality you have been able to build.

Is it normal that it takes a few minutes to load the images that become stickers?

Yes is normal because we don’t know what you want to do with the image you are uploading and we prefer to give you our best. You may decide to have a single sticker or a multiple sticker (made from 24 stickers) and reducing the image before your choice would not be a good idea.

However, if you want to hurry here is the shortcut: reduce the images that you are sure you want in a single sticker, in the 4.5 x 6.5 cm format (if you do it with Photoshop or similar: 531 x 768 pixels at 300 dpj).

How do I draw the frame / figurine?

From the Figurine panel (icon with 4 colored rectangles at the top left) select the graphic element or effect for each layer and display the preview. Once you have defined your style, apply to all the stickers in the album, you can always modify different effects and styles on each single sticker at any time.

Shortcut: (if you don’t want any caption text, other than clearing the filename, delete the “caption background” effect)

How do I change a page layout?

On the album side, there is the icon with the scroll arrow, under it (a gray circle with 4 white rectangles) the icon to select and change the page layout. The gray rectangles represent the spaces for the text, the green ones for the stickers and the blue spaces for the images.

Shortcut: always choose the page layout as the first action, so as not to have to reposition images and texts

Can I color the background?

Yes, by clicking anywhere on the background, the control window opens, select the “drop” and choose the color you want.

Shortcut: if you want to repeat the same color on multiple pages, copy the 6-character code.

How do I choose a background?

In the platform there are hundreds of different backgrounds, divided by topics. The “Love”, “Children”, “Generic“, “Modern”, “School” and “Sport” folders open in the backgrounds section (Icon under each page). Selecting the genre of interest, dozens of backgrounds for each genre will be displayed. Click on the background of interest to see it on the page. Attention: for the same subject the first background refers to the left page and the second to the right.

Can I make the team card consisting of 4 stickers?

Yes and having the overall photograph on several stickers is a highly recommended graphic choice. Among the lay-outs of the platform you will find many proposals with multiple stickers, alongside, above and below the title.

Can I see the result before buying?

Sure. To preview your project, click on the first icon at the top right, the pencil symbol becomes an eye (when it is an eye, nothing can be changed, if you want to change something click on the eye that becomes a pencil) and browse the pages.

A customer wrote:

“I realized that by letting myself be guided by instinct, doubts and questions vanish.

Among the many compliments received, we are very proud of this review, it means that we have managed to create an intuitive system. It was among our main goals. If you have any questions or suggestions to improve our service, please write to us. Thank you.