Quality without a minimum purchase obligation

Prices of yearbooks and album pages vary according to the number and quantity of copies ordered. You can try increasing the number of copies to choose the most convenient price range for you.

Per album and stickers, prices are divided per album and packets. Packets come in flow packs of 5+1.

Calculate the total cost

For any customization needs or large amounts (more than 400 albums and/or 35,000 stickers’ bags) contact us.

What does it mean flow pack?

It’s the kind of polypropylene packets with 3 weldments (like those of crackers).

What does it mean 5+1?

It means that within each packet there are 5 sickers + 1 custom cover.

You can customize the back of the stikers with a text?

Yes, the back of the stickers can be customized with text. The system takes as its text the album title.