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stickers, albums, yearbooks on-line

Try it, it's easy!


Example: 200 sticker albums

200 albums € 2.97 each

8,000 packets € 0.36 each


School, sports, business, club yearbooks, etc.

1. Choose

Choose your desired product
from either a yearbook
or a sticker album.

2. Design on-line

Easily design your product
choosing backgrounds and graphics,
with images of your main stars.

3. Order

Order the number of desired
yearbooks or albums,
together with sticker packets.


Customise your sticker
with 3 clicks. It’s easy!

Choose the elements that will create your exclusive sticker:
border-type, colour, symbols, etc.

Decide on the graphics for each sticker space inside the album.

Customise even the back of your sticker!

Choose the design of the back of your sticker: anything from the name of your collection to an advertising slogan.

  • The system designs the number on the album and on the back of the sticker.
  • No need to perform calculations or follow sequences, just enjoy the results.
  • Precise numbering also for multiple stickers.
  • Your album is unique!

Select the graphic layout of your album or yearbook.

Choose where to place the title, if and where to put multiple stickers, where text appears … etc. etc.

  • Your project, like your preferences and needs, is unique;
  • layout is with intuitively easy;
  • using your photos or those of the gallery;
  • achieving professional results;
  • all created by you with the technical quality of a graphic designer.
  • And in no time at all.


Made with care, passion, precision

  • Taking care of your album or yearbook is what we do.
  • our products are made with passion and with the highest paper quality of the industry.
  • the sticker combination in sticker bags is calibrated to avoid duplicates, but it can be customised.
  • each product is verified before printing and delivery.

    I nostri supporti, dalla piattaforma informatica, alla carta, agli inchiostri e alla stampa adesiva sono testati, certificati e continuamente aggiornatiimplementati per garantire la più alta qualità di prodotto.


    Gli album e gli annuari sono unici, creati da te con l’aiuto dell’esperienza e della specifica tecnologia di Mye che mette a disposizione per realizzare prodotti personalizzati in piccola serie, con la stessa qualità ed efficacia delle grandi edizioni normalmente in edicola.


    Con Mye puoi fare una spesa conveniente ed avere un prezzo finale del tuo album di figurine concretamente più economico di qualsiasi alternativa, e nel caso decidessi di mettere in vendita le figurine, trasformare il tuo album in strumento di autofinanziamento.


    Quando hai tra le mani l’album o l’annuario Mye, hai la certezza di aver realizzato un prodotto in grado di centrare risultati decisivi per te e tutti i soggetti ritratti. Hai infatti creato un evento capace di aumentare il senso di appartenenza, trasmettere riconoscenza,  valorizzare i rapporti (interni ed esterni) e disegnare la storia fotografica del momento.


Our partners


Made in Italy

Some believe that the “Made in Italy” concept is only applicable to fashion, the design of typical products, or to the great artists and innovators from Leonardo, Michelangelo, Caravaggio to Ferrari, Olivetti, Fellini,… We Italians know that “dolce vita” would never be the world masterpiece it currently is if in addition to Fellini, it were not for Cinecittà’s studio 5 and its technicians.
The Made in Italy concept is pure stubbornness; dust and thoughts covering the dirty aprons of many artisans and workshop masters. It is the will to create something that was not there before. It is knowing that in order to create a unique and recognisable product only the best manufacturing craftsmanship of the sector will do.
The Made in Italy concept is an unconscious knowledge that reminds you that almost nothing is worth creating without passion or without interest, but on the contrary one must put one’s heart and soul into everything.
For all the above reasons and more, Mye is Made in Italy.

We are green

In defence of the environment, we decided to use only quality offset printing, this is not digital printing using toner, and we only use EEC certified inks. We do not use toner and we guarantee it in writing in the document drawn up at the time of performing the “quality control” which takes place before shipment. We buy only FSC certified paper and even when we use to external printers we demand the use of certified paper, as well as for packing boxes. The FSC codes of the paper used are provided in the documentation.

Package arrived !!
Great and wonderful product,
Thank you for your kindness

Karen Ricciarelli
Karen RicciarelliPistoia

I am satisfied with the product received, which entirely corresponds to the description.
Moreover, even the timing of production and delivery have been within time frames and fully complied with.

Luca Mariani
Luca MarianiStudio Arlati Ghislandi Milano – Roma

Today I received the album, and I’m really happy with the results!! Thank you for the excellent work, and especially for the speed!


The idea of a sticker album to give away is fantastic! Ideal for many occasions … weddings, family tree, group of friends, vacations or trips…and so much more!
My-e is a very clear and simple to use programme, and the material arrives in a very short time! Opening your album is a beautiful experience in itself, but giving joy to others makes it all the more beautiful. I gave the stickers out a few at a time so they could enjoy them better.
I will definitely be using Mye again and recommend it as a great idea for surprises and gifts!

Laura Caradossi
Laura CaradossiBologna

Today I received the albums. I find them really beautiful, the packets are in the box divided by collection as requested. Thank you

Fabrizio Serra Dirigente Scuola Calcio Canegrate

The album proved to be a success, warmly received not only by the parties portrayed but also by the sponsors. By reserving the distribution of stickers to dealers in the country, the sponsors have found an effective response to the given input.

Fabrizio DonatelliASD PromoSport Montesilvano (PE)

Congratulations for an excellent job!

ASD Voluntas Villa - Verbania -
ASD Voluntas Villa - Verbania - Dirigente sportivo